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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Now Playing: Do Traffic Exchanges Work?
I here people complaining that they aren't making a thing from traffic exchanges, well I say to them.
From my experience as an owner/operator of traffic exchanges, I can say that on the hole they do work, as long as you work at it. You know what all the gurus say, people must see you ad 7 times before they take action. I think there are times when it takes a little longer.
That's why I say you have to work the exchanges, as much as you can. The more you work them the more your ad will be seen. 
There's an old saying that comes to mind,  " you reap what you sow". 

Posted by George at 7:11 PM EDT
Friday, 4 June 2010

Doing a Login Ad using HTML

There are members in a lot of sites that seem to want to have the squeeze page of the site they are promoting seen on the LOGIN page, but all you see is the HTML code. While it is quite easy to do.


 We go to advertising.

 We click on Login Ad. Which will take use to a new screen, there we will see this


Unordered listOrdered listOutdentIndentUndo (Ctrl+Z)Redo (Ctrl+Y)Insert/edit linkUnlinkInsert/edit anchorCleanup messy codeHelpEdit HTML Source
Inserts a new tableTable row propertiesTable cell properties

  Next you will click on the HTML, which in turn will take you to another page where you will see a much larger box. Thats where you enter the HTML code of the squeeze page you want to display, your not done yet on the bottom of the page you will see on one side in a very little box the words "UPDATE" this is the one to click. Which in turn will take you back to the page where you clicked HTML box, if it was done right now you should see the picture of the squeeze page the you want to promote. Now you last step if you happy is to click the word


Posted by George at 1:02 AM EDT
Do to a slight problem I've had to redo.
Now Playing: The comment that was posted is now here. With my comment.

Name: "Craig Raphael"
Home Page:


I think TE's are only worthwhile when the marketer knows and understands how to use them properly. Some of the basics apply and "in my opinion", you should ONLY be trying to get someone to sign up to your list with some kind of splash page.

As a marketer that is "surfing" and perhaps "clicking" their way through to earn credits, I personally believe they are wasting their time and there are plenty of other BETTER things to be doing. 

Nice post George...

Craig Raphael




Home Page:

Thank you, Craig


Your words of wisdom are much appreciated.




Posted by George at 12:46 AM EDT

Welcome all  


There are lots of TRAFFIC EXCHANGES out there, some good and some not so good. Some admin's take pride in there site(s) and there members. While others will leave you sitting for days on end waiting for answers to your question(s) or run into any problems. The good news on that is that the bad ones are few and far between.



I do know for a fact,  from operating a couple Traffic Exchanges that there are times when you have no control, as thinks do happen that is beyond your control. When that happens all you can do is get a hold of the programmer and hope it can be fixed fast, without too many problems for the members.  


I mad a mistake once of criticizing an admin for taking too long to answer there support mail, only to find out that the person had been in the hospital and had just got out. You can just imagine the way I felt after all the mail I had send complaining and wanting to know why it was taking so long.


At my traffic exchanges I do not allow any ads to be send out with EXIT POP-UP ADS in them. As I see it, the members are there to read mail and earn credits, so that they themselves can send out ads.


I do hope that you liked what, I said here. I do welcome all comments that deal with Traffic Exchanges. If you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer it, on this blog.


I know that there will be people out there that will not agree with me, while thats all right. It is possible that you did run into a bad admin or owner. 


All OPINIONS are welcome.

If you include any links they will be checked to make sure they DO NOT have an EXIT POP UP, if so the link will be DELETED.

Posted by George at 12:29 AM EDT

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